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Embrace…all that the universe conspires…all that the soul aspires…

Digital Doodling   

Picked up some random words from some random websites on a whim!
Here’s what it finally became! An art journaling spread on my iPad today!


There are leaves all over, all shades of yellows and browns, the crisp sound under my footsteps as I walk over them…a constant reminder of the impermanence of everything nature made…constantly transitioning…constantly evolving.

Some digital doodling today   

Some digital doodling today coz it’s one of those cold days when you don’t feel like washing your hands too much!

Pastel fun   

Some more pastel fun…
No wonder why kids love pastels!

A new mini journal!   

Sometimes it’s so liberating to fold and cut my journal pages and compile them all together into a new mini journal! Added some beads to it too!

Cherish today.   

..she reminds me to be in the now…always…#practicethepowerofnowbeinthenowcherishtodayeckharttolle @eckharttolle

A WIP   

A WIP…all what I create seems to be a wip forever!

There is always a little something here and a little something there which gets added or subtracted as I work upon it layer by layer…some shapes emerge while some others merge and fade away…so much like life itself…a wip…



While we all weather our inner turmoils, our inner ebbs and flows there are some fighting the outer right now. Hope we could collectively survive this…the outer as well as the inner…