V Formation

V Formation


Daily Art Journaling…she wanted to float into the spread…we met at the park and the instance I saw her I knew she would join me in my art escape!





…and she is on her way flapping her wings looking to satiate her hunger…little does she know she is on a path to collect nectar instead…






Thank the universe for all it brings

sights, sounds and all those things.

wishes and dreams, laughter and pain
all the sunshine and all the rain.

life is a happy song
even when it feels all wrong.

Thank the universe for all it brings
sing along the song it sings.

The Four Agreements

The Four Agreements


I constantly try to utilize Don Miguel’s four Agreements in my life. I know it is tough! Especially 2 and 3 need a lot of work. We often tend to make assumptions and it’s hard to break through these complex glasses.

Things look distorted. Life is easier if we stick to the Agreements!


Be in the now…

A gentle reminder…a simple truth, and a coloring page for all of you to download and color!
Happy coloring!! Remember to be in the now!!


A Joyful Frame – Coloring Freebie!!

Hi! Here’s a fun and free coloring page for all of you! Use any medium you want, color it up and frame it. Fits on letter size paper.
Do what you desire, simply enjoy the moment…Share your creative endeavors if you please! So go on ahead, simply click on the image and print!!! Voila!!




Final week of my MATS course!! Week 5!!! It’s been a wonderful journey…joyful to the core…a whole lot of sketching, thinking, deep breathing, meditating and creating!! Oh! What a wonderful journey! Thanks Lilla Rogers for everything!! Most of all thanks for being our Fairy Art Mother :)

We were told to click pictures of some of our ‘collections’, be it pebbles, shells, feathers…whatever. It was a fun exercise! A trip down the memory lane…I remember collecting feathers as a kid, then there was a time when my dear uncle gifted me his stamp collection, and I happily build on it. And now I collect accessories, cones, pebbles, candles and books and of course memories!!! Oh, just realized I am quite a collector :) Infact while laying out the pieces on a blank sheet of paper, arranging each bit by bit, it did feel empowering, felt like an archaeologist!

By day 3 I had no clue how I would fit in any of my collection set into the assignment. So I just waited. It helped to doodle a bit, to get back into my zone…and get my mojo back!

So I created two pieces…as always I was totally confused as to what to submit, as the deadline was close and I kept wondering, I asked Tejjas for help…its so nice to have an artist son after all!!

Somewhere in the middle, I had my AHA moment…I have always enjoyed creating colorful blobs and spatters in Photoshop and recently I started doodling a lot, perhaps combining the two is what I need to do…perhaps…have I found my style? Maybe!! I am still exploring…discovering…collecting!