About Me

Hi! Welcome to my world!

I find my peace in doodles and drawings and often rhyming words that flow out. Art Journaling is one of my current preoccupations…and so is surface pattern design! I have been an entrepreneur, artist and a graphic designer for more than 20 years. I received my art education at the Fine Arts College, Chandigarh, India.

Rich in color, texture and often fragrance, flowers entice the senses. I enjoy creating abstract florals. There was a time when I painted larger than life realistic ‘floral portraits’ and thoroughly enjoyed those. Currently I am more drawn to the abstract floral drawings. I like to use the brightest of hues and often Neon Pink is splattered on most of my journal spreads! It is so uplifting to use bright splashes of color. The butterfly usually finds a place in my journals, I particularly enjoy using the stamps! I love to write poems as well as random words. My art journal spreads allow me to vent out and find answers. Every morning I look forward to creating and exploring.

Presently, I am a partner in an Interactive media development firm. My love for art, led me to create an online platform for parents to share the masterpieces of their little sketchers. We get to relish creativity from all across the globe on littlesketchers.com, so do stop by! I love to learn. I feel as if each time I create something, be it art, poetry or a design or anything else under and above the sky…something inside of me blooms and lives on. I hope I continue in my pursuit of learning and living through it.