Follow these quick instructions for how to save these photos as your wallpaper! 

  1. If you’re already on your phone, hold down your finger on the photo you’d like to make your wallpaper
  2. Tap “Add to Photos” or “Save Image”
  3. Once you’ve saved all of the wallpapers you want to use, go to your photos and tap “Use as Wallpaper”
  4. Zoom in or out depending on how you want to use it!
Bloom wherever life plants you
Breathe easy
You can’t discover light by analyzing darkness
Bring your own sunshine
Dreams do come true
Good things are coming
Thankful, grateful
Worry pretends to be necessary
I think I’ll just be happy today.

6 Responses to “Downloads”

    Monika says:

    They are simply so vibrant and beautiful!
    I just love all of them

    Cheena says:

    Thanks Monika!! I love creating and sharing these 🙂

    Mona Gulati says:

    Cheena, thank you for being such a good artist. I am enjoying each work of yours. They add such lovely colours to my phone screen.


    Cheena says:

    Thanks Mona!!

    Divya Jaggi says:

    Love you for the Artist You are from the Core of ur Being. Touched with your keenness to awaken other Artists to listen to their Arty Hearts. Thank you my Friend. Stay Happy. Thank you for these Gorgeous and Soulful phone screen designs! Most of all thanx for spreading JOY!

    Cheena says:

    Thanks Divya!! Thanks for all the love and kindness!!

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