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If a lotus is to grow, it needs to be rooted in the mud. Compassion is born from understanding suffering. We all should learn to embrace our own suffering, to listen to it deeply, and to have a deep look into its nature. In doing so, we allow the energy of love and compassion to be born. When the energy of compassion is born, right away we suffer less. When we suffer less, when we have compassion for ourselves, we can more easily understand the suffering of another person and of the world. Then our communication with others will be based on the desire to understand rather than the desire to prove ourselves right or make ourselves feel better.   

And we became friends for life!   

I met Jealousy the other day. She had that look in her eyes. She was mocking at me. I felt a tightness. I smiled. I took a deep breath. I waved at her and looked the other way.

I felt the shift. I felt light. I moved on. The energy moved. It made way for something light. The tightness was no longer there. There was only lightness.

We often cross paths.

Sometimes I invite her in and she stays. Like any visitor she is there for a bit and then continues on her path.

There was a time, long ago, when Hatred was a daily guest. She was like a ball of fire. I could only see red. Shades of yellow sometimes appeared. They faded away but returned with the same vigor.

She brought her sister once, Regret. I let her overstay. She taught me a lot. Somehow I lost her on the way. In fact I lost them both on the way somewhere when Hope showed up.

I don’t really miss them. They are gone for good!

Kindness finds her way into my garden often.

She makes me see the rose buds, the fluttering butterflies and the birds flying freely above. That is if I happen to look above and beyond the ordinary. I leave the door open for she might pop in anytime. She has a key to enter anyway. I don’t want to take chances. She nudges me to relax and fills me with the energy of the entire sky. The energy to let it all go and embrace the Isness.

Today, when I went outside to water the plants I met with Gratitude and Joy. They were both so beautiful! As beautiful and fragrant as the flowers.

I guess I ended up watering my soul! And we became friends for life.

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