My new Visual Journal Online Workshop Series started in June 2020, it in fact started as a one on one session with friends and family who were and still are dealing with the ways of the current world situation. We all need a way to express our feelings and emotions in a creative manner, don’t we? When we put it all down on paper, we witness a shift, a detachment of sorts and we become the observer.

“When I become the observer I step away, clouds drift away. It feels light. It feels as if a weight is lifted. It feels okay. By becoming the observer I detach from the situation, the scenario, the story. I detach. The weight drops.”

I practice Art Journaling almost all days of the week, it’s become my daily ritual over time. A way of letting go, venting out and purging my thoughts. Starting with a blank paper and a full mind, I often end up with a blast of colors and an an almost empty mind!

Take a preview of a taster workshop here. It consists of a video lesson and supporting downloadable instructions. Discover the creative and emotional benefits of journaling. Allow your mind to take a plunge into your He(art)!

Learnt so much in this meeting and truly filled with JOY… thanks so very much for organising and giving the opportunity to connect with oneself, filled with so much gratitude!!

I touched colours after ages and felt like a kid playing with colours today.

Loved Cheena’s gratitude journal. So calming and therapeutic
Thank you once again.

Heartfelt Thank you to Cheena for this wonderful session. It was wonderful connecting with Colours again. Have a blessed day all.

Biggest Thankyou to Cheena for your time and seeking spirit?. Beautiful ?our immense gratitude to Cheena for sharing her knowledge and talent with us!

I will show my mum how to do this, I think she’ll like it.
You didnt count the infinite people we all will be telling this correct count is infinite?

You filled everyone with immense JOY. GRATITUDE and LOVE to you Cheenu.
-Divya Jaggi-

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