This is one of my favourite subjects.Painted a closeup of the same, sometime last year. This time I just wanted to re-visit the ‘pond” painting. The leaves are very loosely done, with bold strokes of greens and yellows. The same technique follows on in the stems, rather more loose so to speak. As always, it was a fun painting! Enjoyed every moment…

Cheena you have a very unique style that suits this type of painting so very well. Lovely to see
– Cheers, Dianna
Beautiful piece!!
Mike Beeman
gorgeous … an inspiration for me as i’ve some lovely pictures i recently took at the birminham alabama botanical gardens that include numerous shots of lilies … all taken with the intention to paint them … yours as i said is lovely and i can only hope to emulate the beauty you captured…
Cheena…really nice. I am going to a garden center this weekend and I am sure hoping the water lillies are still blooming there… the greeens you used on the leaves

Trinity – Water Lilies Re-visited

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