Finding reasons to stay close to these, breathing in all the goodness ?

I often create wallpapers for my phone to act as constant reminders and affirmations. This one is inspired from these beautiful petunias that managed to survive! Feel free to download: They bloom and thrive again and again. Each spring season, we bring many flowering plants from the nursery to adorn our home. This season somehow didn’t get the chance to. They sprouted back to life and bloomed again. All the pots sitting there and bracing the winter have all come to life! Plants save their energy in their roots, and once the weather is all good, they push forward and thrive. Like a hibernation of sorts!

So true!

One of the most resilient and tough plants! These beautiful pansies are a prized possession of every garden.

Drawing with the pen and then layering it with a quick watercolor wash is something I am really enjoying these days. It’s spring time and a whole lot of flowers are in full bloom. Wondering what to paint next!

Painting with Jennifer and Gayle!! What a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon!! Thanks both of you for all the tips and inspiration!! @augustwren @gaylekabaker

Happy Earth Day!!

Believe in yourself, for if you don’t, who else would.

A great attitude becomes a great mood, which becomes a great day, a great year, a great life! ~ Zig Ziglar

I celebrate all the greatness in my life. Start and end your day with a prayer that celebrates it all…

Raise your vibe, not your voice, for positivity, is a choice. Let your thoughts be your guide to beckon it on your side. It takes work, and often lots. Count your blessings, and align the dots.

Remember to fill your cup with joy! Chai time is a good time to reset. To replenish. To fill your cup.

What you water grows, they say. Water the seeds, not the weeds, if you may. They’ll both grow and spread, for sure. You’ll reap what you’ll sow, and never more.

Doodling helps me unwind. What’s your tool?

What does it mean to ‘Be You’? For me it means to be in the moment of flow, where I am feeling light in my body, mind and spirit, not only in the dimension of feeling light but also being the light.