Part 1/3 : flipping through 31 days of art journaling

Daily Art Journal ~ Day 31 Doodles and patterns

~ Inhale ~ Bloom ~ Inspire ~

~ Inhale in the freshness ~

Daily Art Journal ~ Day 30

Daily Art Journal…Day 29 Listen to nature ~ bloom and grow ~ tread with care and move slow ~ let the sun shine its light ~ bloom with all your might

Daily Art journal…Day 28 A blast of colors today in my art journal…no words, only a burst of splashes!!

Daily ArtJournal 27 When I go with the flow and surrender ~ I can live through all the high and the low with wonder ~ @thedailywriting

Daily Art Journaling…Day 26 I went to the mountains and onto the hills…watched the birds from the window sills…

Daily Art Journal…Day 25

Grounding… Step into the unknown with caution and care. But be open to all the awesomeness out there. Daily Art journal Day 24

Daily Art Journal… Be rooted in your faith…trust where it takes you…Day 23

A stroll in the sprawling Milpitas…

Photo of the day.

Daily Art Journal…Day 22 BLOOM