Daily Art Journaling ~ Day 40 A Lazy Sunday afternoon

~ Daily Art Journaling ~

Daily Art Journaling ~ Day 39 I see birds moving away… Fading away…away into the sky… From the window where I sit. I often watch them fly by… Going home to their nests, to their little ones perhaps… All eager and waiting… I watch the daily drill. I wonder…have they reached? Or are they flying still.

Art journal tags

Daily Art Journaling ~ Day 38 Loved creating these art journal tags!!

Daily Art Journaling ~ Day 37 Playing with collage, paints and words today! Some days are good and some not so Some start on a good note and some not so While some bring cheer and some not so While some seem all uphill and some not so This is what makes a lifetime worth living Is that not so?

Daily Art Journaling ~ Day 36 Playing with some new tools :)

Brilliant hues on my arty napkin today!! Plus the fortune cookie has a message for all…

Daily Art Journaling ~ Day 35 ~ And then there was happiness and joy all around ~ there was a lyric in every sound ~ there were butterflies everywhere and an aroma in the air ~

Daily Art Journaling ~ Day 34 Breathe Easy

Had a very interesting conversation with an uber driver today…looking out of the window at the beautiful scenic clouds moving across the mountains I uttered a wow… Uber Guy: Are you an artist? Me: Yes! But how could you tell?? Uber Guy: Well everyone else is mostly looking at the cell phone!

Daily Art Journaling ~ Day 33

Daily Art Journaling ~ Day 32 If you could be kind… And leave all bitterness behind… If you could smile… More than just a while… If you could feel for each race… The world will be a better place…

Part 2/3 : flipping through my 31 days of art journaling

Part 3/3 : flipping through my 31 days of art journaling