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Daily Art Journaling ~ Day 306

Underneath all these layers of paint often there are words, thoughts and emotions that surface from time to time but the layers of paint embalm them in their deep caress…And they are lost in there somewhere…

Daily Art Journaling ~ Day 304

Be the observerWhen I become the observer I step away, clouds drift away. It feels light. It feels as if a weight is lifted. It feels okay. By becoming the observer I detach from the story. I detach. The weight drops.

Happy Father’s Day

To all the awesome daddys out there!
We are having such artful fun collaborating on this painting!!

Daily Art Journaling ~ Day 294

On my easel today! Layers and layers and layers…This one started as something and ended up as something totally different…love this about intuitive painting ?????

Folding origami cranes today!

Half way I missed a step and the wings became the head and the tail! LOL!! T was having a good laugh with his crane all ready and waiting ???? and mine was all topsy turvy!!