Whispering winds have secrets to tell only and only when I listen well. The pitter patter of the random rains, soothing all my scalding pains. Washing away the dust of all old battered thoughts. Softening all the hackneyed knots. As my ears catch the chirping bird’s sound, I begin to notice all the goodness around. I slow down, to savor, to cherish…no longer bound. All this lights up my soul, my heart, my face. As if showered with sudden divine grace. I can bask in it’s glory for times to come. Isn’t that the secret the winds were trying to tell? Perhaps, I was listening well. For all those moments, when I might forget to listen well, the whispering winds, the random rains, and the chirping birds will surely ring a bell.

Daily Art Journaling ~ Day 37 Playing with collage, paints and words today! Some days are good and some not so Some start on a good note and some not so While some bring cheer and some not so While some seem all uphill and some not so This is what makes a lifetime worth living Is that not so?