When we look at our life as a compilation of life situations and habits that we form on the way, what seems to stand out is our ability to understand, analyze and take action. These actions, over time, formalize into habits. The dictionary defines habits as an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary. I am curious by nature, curious in a good way. I am always ready to ask questions when in doubt because I’m not particularly eager to jump to conclusions. It’s best to ask than to sit there and analyze. I like to learn new things. I also have the habit of checking in regularly with my people. Inculcating the habit of gratefulness has immensely helped me. I find meaning in staying inspired as well as in inspiring others. I know I do need to give up on some of my habits! What habits have served you well? What new habits are you looking to develop in the coming time? Do you think this statement is valid? Does it resonate with you? So far, what practices have helped you the most?