George Bernard Shaw is credited with the quote, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” When she was small, I was often confused about when to take her out, feed her, and all that. I was confused, and I was exhausted and overwhelmed. As she grew up and I understood her cues, life became more uncomplicated. We were communicating. Well, she was, and I understood her. Though I hope she understands me when I talk to her because she often yawns when I am talking. With only a limited vocabulary of gestures and whines, she makes the most of it all! The head resting on a surface means let’s go outside. The happy dance is asking for a treat. When she brings her favorite green ball, it’s time to play. Of course, when she wants her meal, she comes to the kitchen and sits there next to the gas stove. That’s all the communication she needs in the day to get her stuff done! When she sees me put on my shoes, she wants to make sure she is going along as well. She will place her head on my foot and rest there for a bit, nudging me to take her along. I mostly give in. Communication is a two-way street, they say, and I love walking!