Intuitive painting…a wip
Hope to complete it soon!

Intuitive painting…a wip

Butterfly Effect


A gentle nudge…a reminder…to move into the present…

Available in 3 different sizes:


Be in the Now

Find solace in some mindful coloring today. Feel free to download and print these. Take a breather!

A gentle reminder…a simple truth.

Happy coloring!! Remember to be in the now!!


Be in the now

Be in the now…

Peace + Love + Joy

Cup a doodles

If you could…

Hi! Here’s a fun and free coloring page for all of you! Use any medium you want, color it up and frame it. Fits on letter size paper.
Do what you desire, simply enjoy the moment…Share your creative endeavors if you please! So go on ahead, simply click on the image and print!!! Voila!!


A Joyful Frame – Coloring Freebie!!