May this new year bring the best in you and the best in everything around too! Happy New You!!

Lean into: by being more empathetic, by listening more, talking less. by being aware of the inner and the outer. By finding joy in each day. by tuning in to your body, mind and spirit. By being well.

Choose with care!

Our work is most satisfying when we can use our unique abilities in a way that makes a real difference. Our life is most enjoyable when we can smile at the end of the day and look forward to another morning with great enthusiasm and energy. We can attain balance if we make it a habit to live and to work with our best effort today and constantly improve to become the person we want to become while continuing to love the person we already are :) Is this an affirmation you could use?

With a constant focus on outcomes sometimes we forget doing the most important task, the tiny step that will lead to the big expected outcome. A lot of tiny steps that is, so what are you planting today?

If you want to create a world that you’ll love, fill your word with love, fill it with kindness, fill it with care. Change the word, the inner and the outer. Change the world, the inner and the outer. @goodlifeproject

Happy Monday!