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Any lessons from the year that’s almost done?

I often pen down my thoughts and paint all over them. I feel relaxed and sometimes even find answers to some of my questions in the process. A while back, someone wrote to me on a social network that her baby started kissing her phone while looking at my post. To this day, I remember that and wonder! You may never know if what you do makes a difference; it might touch someone somehow. It might make someone feel good, even if it’s for a moment. Somebody will never forget your gesture. After all, our mind space is a bunch of memories, wishes, hopes, and endless chatter. Stay kind and stay true. Find your voice and sing your song. You never know who might need it at the moment and may dance along!

Take a deep breath before you start your day. Breathe easy. …and she approves! Happily licked the first few words

Add some color when the days seems all gray. Sprinkle some sunshine when the clouds come soaring your way! It’s a gray day, no sunshine, but we can always use some colors and paint some hues especially on days like these!

Find your wow in the now!