A blessing.

Monday hues…vibrant abstract blooms.

Have a relaxing weekend!

Happy Friday!

Trying out some imaginary landscapes, coz of course, fall is on my mind some splashes of color have already started to appear in my backyard trees ?

Yes, we all need to focus on our breath from time to time. Breathe easy.

Embrace what the day brings in, what the moments unfurl…

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Imagination often tugs, reality nudges. Abstraction has a charm of its own. So abstract, yet so real.

Light up…

Watercolor florals are so refreshing, always love playing with these kuretake watercolors.

Rainy days, especially rainy weekends call for a hot cup of tea, some doodling fun and idling in the sun room listening to the chirping birds and the splattering raindrops.

listen . feel . smell