Endless, mindless renderings!

Floral doodles…

There is so much to learn from nature, the tree especially… As it prepares to sleep…it sheds all the unnecessary. As it prepares to awaken…it creates all the necessary.

What a beautiful find on a gray rainy day!!

If a lotus is to grow, it needs to be rooted in the mud. Compassion is born from understanding suffering. We all should learn to embrace our own suffering, to listen to it deeply, and to have a deep look into its nature. In doing so, we allow the energy of love and compassion to be born. When the energy of compassion is born, right away we suffer less. When we suffer less, when we have compassion for ourselves, we can more easily understand the suffering of another person and of the world. Then our communication with others will be based on the desire to understand rather than the desire to prove ourselves right or make ourselves feel better.

Some notes from book The Art of Communicating by Thich Nhat Hanh

Be aware of being aware…